Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stencils and Texture

Painting by Vicky Christensen, acrylic on 12 X 16 inch canvas
I have been watching some instructional videos by Chris Cozen, hoping to get some inspiration and learn some techniques for creating abstract art using mixed media. This is my first attempt at using some of the techniques. This one started with a failed painting that I covered first with molding paste then gesso. I didn't worry about applying the gesso smoothly because I wanted some texture. I also imprinted a stencil into the gesso in a few places to give it some additional texture. Then I painted glazed layers of transparent colors plus some stenciling. I started painting this in a portrait orientation but decided near the end that it looked better when I switched to a landscape orientation.


  1. Hey Vicky, good to see you experimenting, it's my favourite way to paint, I love the colours and textures you've got in this :)


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