Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Toodie's Paintings

Once a month I help a few of the residents at my mother's assisted living facility paint. We've been painting mostly in watercolor. We added acrylic to the mix today.

One of the most faithful group members is Toodie. She is new to watercolor and acrylic, but taught herself to paint with oil paints when she and her husband Elton lived in Japan after World War II.

Today I stopped by their apartment to get a glimpse of her artwork. I have to say that even though I had already seen her talent first hand when our group gets together to paint, I was truly amazed by her oil paintings. What talent she has! I am so happy she is still painting. Here's a toast to Toodie and Elton, married 72 years and still going strong.

Some more of Toodie's paintings:
Toodie's painting of a Japanese coast. She also painted
the scenes on the bottles in the foreground 


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