Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Below zero bouquet

Updated Painting by Vicky Christensen, mixed media on 12 x 16 inch canvas panel 

 We're going through a cold spell here in Minnesota. Here's a bouquet to bring back a little bit of summer. This one had a prior life as an abstract mixed media collage  (see below).

Original painting 

Update: after I posted to the blog last night I decided to put a top coat on the painting. I poured some 'faux encaustic' on it and started to brush. Unfortunately I noticed a little too late that my Posca pen lines were being dissolved by the medium (a combination of matte medium and self leveling clear gel). It was a total mess! I ultimately used a lot of wet paper towels to remove the medium. Unfortunately it also removed a lot of the Posca pen ink. I was really disheartened and almost gave up. I collected myself and redid the Posca. I let it dry overnight then very carefully applied a layer of acrylic gloss medium to seal the painting. Note to self: be careful when putting an isolation coat on a painting that makes use of Posca pens!

Painting before I messed it up with faux encaustic layer 


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