Wednesday, June 8, 2016

No Fear

This morning I spent some time helping my mom and some of her neighbors paint. Just look at these women painting and drawing, all engrossed in the creative process.

This is my mom. She'll be 88 soon, and she's one of the youngsters in this group.

And here's her finished painting. I'm really proud of her. When she was young she loved to paint, but over the decades, raising a family (6 kids) and working both inside and outside the home, she stopped finding time for art. When our group started getting together several months ago, she hadn't painted in decades, was hesitant, afraid of making mistakes and afraid she might be picking the wrong color from her palette. Now she finds her own inspiration and fearlessly goes to work creating art.

When we get together once a month, my job is to set up the work space and supplies and clean up when we are done. The rest of the time I end up being a cheerleader. So many of the ladies don't give themselves enough credit and are way too hard on themselves. My mantra today was no fear! Don't be afraid to try and don't be afraid to make mistakes!


  1. what a great thing you're doing for these ladies Vicky :) So glad your mum is painting again!


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