Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mixed media fun

Mixed media, charcoal pour, watercolor and collage
 I didn't get much done on my Paris scene today because I attended another adult continuing education class sponsored by a local high school. It was more like a party than a class. It was held at a local restaurant, so we were eating (and drinking) while we worked on our art. Our instructor provided us with watercolor paper that she had already prepared using the charcoal pour technique. She also gave us a sketch of a bird for us to trace. Given that, we were told to copy the bird to the paper and use watercolor, paper (napkins, tissue and some wrapping paper) and glue to create our works of art. It was fun to see the varied interpretations. I notice now that I forgot to paint/collage a key portion of the birds rump. And I could have picked a better location for the band of yellow/red paint in the lower right portion of the picture. Not a good choice to have it radiating from the bird's butt!

And here's the Paris painting. I'm hoping I will be able to finish it by the end of this coming weekend. Next up: painting the windows and gables of the mansard roof after I do some work on the sky.
work in progress

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