Sunday, March 6, 2016

Creating a space for creating art

This is my current art studio:

You guessed it, my kitchen. It has everything I need, including good lighting and a water supply. But frankly, I want my kitchen back.

Today I made the first step towards reclaiming my kitchen. Last week I freed up some space in my guest bedroom and bought some Closet Maid shelving at the Home Depot and today I installed the shelves:

My stud finder died after finding the center stud but fortunately it was easy to find the stud to either side, since they were the standard 16 inches apart. It didn't take much time to drill the holes and screw the top bracket to the wall. And trust me, I even used a carpenter's level to make sure it's reasonably level. I plan on using these shelves for my bottles and jars of paint and mediums, and anything else I like to keep close at hand while I'm painting. My painting table will go underneath the shelves.

I used this room previously for pastels. I relocated my pastels and related equipment to a different side of the same room:

Next up: moving all my acrylic equipment and supplies to the room. I'm going to miss having the kitchen sink nearby for cleanup. But a few weeks ago, after reading some articles on being more friendly to the environment when disposing acrylic paint waste I started minimizing my use of water for brush cleanup, and started following other practices to avoid flushing acrylics waste water into the sewer.

I'm also a little worried about getting paint (and water) on the carpet but I'm hoping my handy canvas tarp will take care of that. I just need to remember not to get carried away when I am spattering paint.

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